Features of the Aspire all-terrain double stroller

The Aspire is no ordinary all-terrain double stroller. Here’s a look at what makes the ABC stroller unique:

Grows with your family

The Aspire side-by-side double stroller grows as your family grows:

  • Twins? The Aspire all-terrain double stroller is tough and built to last.  
  • Twins and toddler? Convert the Aspire twin buggy into a triple buggy or quad buggy by adding one or two extra seats.
  • Triplets or quads? Simply add solo or Duolo upper seat onto the extension bar, and the Aspire buggy can keep all your children safe and comfortable.

Safe for newborns to toddlers

All seats – including the solo and Duolo upper seat accessories – are suitable for newborns as well as toddlers.

Gone are the days of needing a pram and a separate stroller; the Aspire buggy fits both purposes. This is because the seats either fold flat or recline – and do so independently of each other. The seats are also designed to provide excellent posture support, allowing you to care for and protect your infants’ soft bone structure.

The maximum weights for each seat are:

  • Aspire twin buggy seats: maximum 20kg per seat.
  • Solo top single reclining newborn/toddler seat: maximum 18kg per seat.
  • Duolo top double reclining newborn/toddler seat: maximum 15kg per seat.

Built for the real world

If you’re looking for an all-terrain double stroller built for the real world, look no further. The buggy is easy to navigate through normal-width doorways, plus it’s easy and quick to assemble and fold down. The buggy also folds flat so it takes minimal space in your car. There’s even a massive zipped storage bag for all the nappies, toys, or your shopping you may need for your brood.

Quick and easy to fold and re-assemble

The ABC stroller collapses in one simple action. Getting the pushchair out of your car is a breeze too: it locks automatically into the upright assembled position.

Folds flat to save space

Space in your car is at a premium when you’ve got a growing family; that’s why the Aspire buggy has been designed to fold flat, to use the minimum possible space.

Four wheels are better than three

Four wheels are more manoeuvrable than three wheels, plus they provide additional stability. The wheels swivel and lock, yet they’re engineered to be strong.

When you’re out and about, you’ll notice that life isn’t all smooth sidewalks. That’s why we

built the Aspire all-terrain double stroller with four wheels, to help you navigate ramps, bumps, stony surfaces and grass with ease.


The Aspire all terrain double stroller is tested to the highest applicable standards (AS/NZS 2088:2000), so you can be sure you’re investing in your child’s safety. Plus the buggy has built-in safety features, such as a five-point safety harness, locking front wheels, and a padded front safety bar. As the wheels support the weight of your infants, we have engineered the strongest possible wheels.

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