FAQs on our strollers for multiples

Here are some of the questions we’re often asked about our range of strollers for multiples; if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please do contact us for stroller help and advice.

  • What makes the Adventure Buggy Co. range unique?

    Simple: Adventure Buggy Co. is one of extremely few purpose-designed stroller for 3 to 4 children. The twin buggy easily adapts to carrying 3 or 4 children by adding an adapter bar and upper seats. This easily creates a triplet buggy or quad buggy – without you having to buy a whole new pram.

    The upper seats are available as a single seat (solo) or double seat (Duolo), and were designed especially for the ABC buggy.

  • How does this buggy “grow with your family”?

    You start with the Aspire twin pram and then add either a solo single seat or a Duolo double seat accessory on top via the extension bar, as your family grows. So you don’t need to buy a whole new pram; just add extra seats when you need them. Hyperlink to relevant product pages.

    Many parents find that this makes it the best double buggy in terms of cost and convenience – especially as the pram is built to last with a tough tubular steel frame.

  • Where can I buy Adventure Buggy Co. products?

    Adventure Buggy Co. prams for multiples are sold by our exclusive worldwide distributor, GoBubbaGo.

    You can purchase Adventure Buggy Co. products securely from this website: GoBubbaGo will transact and fulfill your order. Therefore the company name that you will see on your credit card statement for your purchase will be GoBubbaGo. Shop for prams and accessories now.

    GoBubbaGo are a highly-reputable distributor specialising in quality products for infants. We have been working with GoBubbaGo exclusively for many years; you’ll find that their customer support and service is second to none.

    For you as a customer, Adventure Buggy Co.’s partnership with GoBubbaGo means that you receive a premium quality product at favourable prices, as there are no other agents or retailers in the distribution chain.

    If you have any questions about GoBubbaGo, you may wish to check out their website (http://www.gobubbago.com.au) or contact them directly via email at info@gobubbago.com.au.

  • Are there any videos where I can see the ABC buggy in action?

    Yes, you can watch videos of the buggy in action, and you can read what parents have to say about our products here.

  • Are there any instruction manuals?
  • Why is the Adventure Buggy Co. stroller for multiples better than a 3-seater side-by-side stroller?

    The Adventure Buggy Co. pushchair is a better option than side-by-side prams for triplets because it’s narrower, so it’s easier to manoeuver through doorways. The Adventure Buggy Co. Aspire with upper accessory seats seat is just 74cm (29.1 inches) wide. A standard domestic doorway is typically around 80cm (31.5 inches) wide – so there is plenty of room.

  • Why is the Adventure Buggy Co. stroller for multiples better than a 2 or 3-seater long train-style stroller?

    The Adventure Buggy Co. pushchair is a better option than 2 or 3-seater train-style prams for twins and triplets. This is because our pushchair has a shorter and more compact wheel base, so it’s easier to manoeuvre through busy areas, such as in supermarket aisles.

  • How does this work as a pram and a stroller?

    All the seats (including the upper accessory seats) are adjustable: they can either lie flat (to make it a pram for newborns), or recline (making it a comfortable stroller for toddlers).

    We recommend using the baby mattress accessory for newborns (0 to 6 months).

  • Are the upper accessory seats reclining or fixed?

    The upper accessory seats are adjustable, so they can recline or lie flat. All seats can be adjusted from lay-flat to any position to upright position to suit your child’s age.

  • Are the twin buggy (Aspire) seats forward facing only, or can they be reversed?

    The seats in the Aspire twin buggy are forward facing only. However, visibility of the little ones is assured by a peek-a-boo window, which can be left closed or opened.

    Alternatively, the upper accessory seats are rear facing, so you could use the upper seat to have direct view of a particular child, if needed.

  • Are the upper accessory seats parent facing only, or can they be reversed?

    The upper accessory seats are parent facing, and visibility of the little ones is assured by a rear-facing peek-a-boo window.

  • Do the seats of the Aspire buggy recline independently of each other?

    Yes, each of the buggy seats reclines independently, making each seat suitable for both newborns and toddlers.

  • Do the buggy seats and accessory seats lie completely flat?

    No, all seats are approximately 10 degrees off being flat, which is the parent-preferred position for newborns through to 6 months of age.

  • How high is the buggy? Will I see over the top of the buggy when the accessory seats are installed?

    The height of the upper accessory seat attached to the ABC Buggy is 145cm (57 inches) with the canopy installed, or 130cm (51.2 inches) with the canopy removed.

    Most people find that the visibility is fine; and any reduction in visibility is made up for by being able to transport (and keep an eye on) all your children in the one buggy.

    However, in the interests of safety, we recommend that the Aspire stroller with upper accessory seats attached is only operated by people taller than 165 cm (5 feet 4 inches).

  • Is the handlebar adjustable?

    Yes, the handlebar is adjustable: please refer to the instruction manual supplied with your buggy.

  • What is the buggy made of?

    The Aspire pushchair for multiples is made of tubular steel that’s powder coated. Adventure Buggy Co. products are durable and built to last, which we believe sets us apart from our our competitors.

  • How strong is the buggy? What are the maximum weights that the buggy can support? What age of children is the buggy suitable for?

    The Aspire buggy and accessory seats are very strong. The maximums per seat are calculated by weight rather than age:

    • Maximum child weight for Aspire twin buggy seats: 20kg per seat
    • Maximum child weight for solo (top single reclining newborn/toddler seat): 18kg per seat. (This item is sold separately as an accessory.)
    • Maximum child weight for Duolo (top double reclining newborn/toddler seat): 15kg per seat. (This item is sold separately as an accessory.)
  • Are the upper accessory seats safe? Will the pram tip over?

    The upper accessory seats were developed especially to safely attach to the Adventure Buggy Co. Aspire pushchair. We haven’t had any safety concerns with the upper accessory seats, and we believe that the latest design upper accessory seat is a safe and sensible option on level ground. The top mounted seat is in fact much safer and easier to use than most front mounted seats. This is due to the weight displacement being over the 2 back wheels and the centre of the buggy frame. Front mounted seats can cause tipping or unbalancing on a 3-wheel buggy. Remember, the Adventure Buggy Co. Aspire stroller has 4 wheels for additional stability.

    Important notes:

    • The upper accessory seat is required to rest against the top of the buggy frame for correct balance and stability. The upper accessory seat must be positioned directly over the buggy’s rear wheels.
    • Ensure that the manufacturer’s instructions and safety notices are followed at all times.
    • Adding additional weight (e.g. groceries, luggage, personal possessions) to the stroller and/or accessory seats may affect the stability of the pushchair.
    • Children must be harnessed in at all times.
  • What type of wheels does the buggy have? If air filled, what is the solution for punctures?

    The pushchair tyres are air filled, as this makes them suitable for all terrains.

    We find that some customers never have to change the tyres on their buggy; but some do – it all depends on how much you use the buggy, and the terrain you use it on.

    If a tyre issue arises, the best solution is to source tyre or inner tube replacements from your local bicycle shop, or from a large retail outlet that sells children’s bicycles. (Inner tubes and replacement tyres are available to purchase from the GoBubbaGo website, if you’re unable to source them locally.

    The tyre and tube size is 12” and the same used for small children’s bicycles. The recommended tyre pressure is 30 PSI.

  • What surfaces are the wheels suitable for?

    This is an all-terrain pushchair; you’ll find it easy to navigate ramps, bumps, stony surfaces, gravel and grass. The pneumatic tyres allow you to get about the city with ease, and also give you freedom to get out of the city and off-road.

  • Why does this buggy have 4 wheels rather than 3?

    4 wheels provide maximum manoeuvrability. The front wheels swivel or can be locked; and there is a simple spring-release button to get them moving again.

    Moreover, buggies with 4 wheels are far more stable than 3-wheeled strollers, and provide additional solidity and firmness.

    The 4 wheels allow you better stability, as there are 4 points of contact with the ground.

  • What type of braking system does the buggy have?

    Adventure Buggy Co. strollers for multiples have a simple but secure braking mechanism. This consists of an easy-to-use foot brake with a large foot paddle that locks down and brakes both rear wheels.

  • Can I park my stroller on a slope?

    Under no circumstances can you park you stroller on any gradient. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times.

  • I am tall; will I be able to have a long stride without hitting my toes on the back of the pram?

    The Adventure Buggy Co. pram has no rear axle bar connecting the rear wheels; this allows tall parents to have a nice long stride without hitting the back of the pram.

  • What kind of harness does the Aspire stroller have?

    There is an easy-to-use 5-point safety harness in the stroller, to keep your little ones secure.

  • What is the purpose of the padded front safety bar?

    The padded safety bar provides extra security and safety for your child.

  • What accessories are included with the Aspire buggy? And what’s available separately as an add-on?

    You’ll receive the following as standard with an Aspire stroller:

    • Aspire twin buggy.
    • Sun mesh: for added sun protection.
    • Rain cover: as well as a foldable canopy constructed from a marine-grade, heavy-duty material, there’s a heavy-duty clear plastic cover.
    • Leg warmer and snug window: The leg warmer and snug window is easily attached to your Aspire Adventure Buggy Co. pram to keep your child warm and snug while still being able to see through the snug window. The snug window easily zips on and off the canopy. Made from a durable water-resistant canvas-like material with a tough clear plastic window.
    • Storage bag: an appropriately large bag for all the nappies, toys, or your shopping you may need for your brood. The storage bag is zipped for security and privacy, and it’s also waterproof. It detaches easily from the bottom of the Aspire buggy.

    Optional extras:

    • Solo (top single reclining newborn/toddler seat), including sun mesh and rain cover.
    • Duolo (top double reclining newborn/toddler seat), including sun mesh and rain cover.
    • Adapter bar to attach the solo or Duolo accessory seats to the Aspire twin buggy (but included in a solo or Duolo accessory seat package).
    • Baby mattress pram liner with head support.
    • Drinks holder.
    • Sleeping bag.
  • How easy is it to collapse and assemble the Aspire buggy? What are the folded dimensions?

    The Aspire folding buggy collapses in one simple action. Getting the pushchair out of your car is a breeze too: it locks automatically into the upright assembled position.

    • The Aspire buggy collapses to a compact size, and can be made smaller by removing the wheels:
    • Length: 110cm (43.3 inches) without front wheels; or 130cm (51.2 inches) with the front wheels on.
    • Height: approx. 25cm (9.8 inches)
    • Width: 74cm wide (29.1 inches)
    • Weight: 15kg (just over 33 pounds).

    The solo and Duolo upper accessory seats also fold flat to a compact size too.

  • Is this buggy suitable for nurseries and kindergartens and other family day care providers?

    Yes, absolutely! Day care providers regularly use the Adventure Buggy Co. range of products, as they provide the most practical way of having outings with a number of infants and toddlers.

  • I’m a bit stressed about having twins/triplets/quads – can you recommend good sources of help and information?

    Many countries and regions have a Multiple Birth Association where you can get support. To find the group nearest to you, search for “multiple births association” or “multiple birth club” in your favourite internet search engine. You can be assured you’re not the only one feeling challenged by a rapidly-growing family, and there are helpful people (as well as other mums and dads) there to support you.

  • Can I get spare parts from Adventure Buggy Co.?

    Yes – please contact us with details of what you need.

  • Does the Aspire buggy meet any recognised safety standards?

    Yes. The Aspire double pram is designed and tested for the Australian and New Zealand markets. As such it has passed the AS/NZS 2088:2000 safety standards, so you can be sure you’re investing in your children’s safety.

    To the extent required by the Laws of Australia and New Zealand, our products comply with and meet all extant mandatory safety standards for prams and strollers. We do not warrant that they comply with the standards required for equivalent certification outside Australia and New Zealand.

    Please do contact us for further information if you have any questions or concerns.

    Note: Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions and Safety Notices at all times. Children must always be harnessed into the buggy and accessory seats.

  • What is the warranty on Adventure Buggy Co. products?

    Products are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for workmanship and materials; please make sure you keep your receipt as proof of purchase when you contact our Customer Service team. All claims must be made to our exclusive distributor, GoBubbaGo.

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