• ​The stroller of all strollers!

    The stroller of all strollers has made its way to me and we are LOVING it. It's so hard to find a stroller for 3-4 kids but I have found @adventurebuggyco and it has changed my life! I so love having one baby up top and so close to me to smooch and admire ❤️

    Ali Hynek, mom of 4, Utah, USA, July 2017
  • "Amazing product and service"

    Thank you so much Adventure Buggy Co.  I much appreciate it - an amazing product and service.

    Linda C. , San Diego, California. United States. June 2017
  • "This is my life saver!"

    Love mine I have 14 week old quadruplet girls and a 3 1/2 year old girl. This is my life saver to be able to get out & about on my own. 



    Carla C, Essex, United Kingdom, July 2017
  • Makes my life so much easier!

    Absolutely love my Triple Buggy! Makes my life so much easier, plus I can take it off road so I can go on so many more adventures! AMAZING!!

    Hannah, Childcare Adventures, United Kingdom, September 2017
  • We love it and more importantly our children love it!

    Having triplets meant we needed a safe, practical and stylish buggy, once we found adventure buggy is ticked all the boxes, we love it and more importantly our children love it and are happy and safe when we go on our adventures!

    Daddy to Triplet Girls, Essex, United Kingdom, September 2017
  • We love our abc triple buggy!

    "We love our abc triple buggy! We found it to be the safest and easiest option for our triplets. The buggy is strong, sturdy and yet deceptively maneuverable and easy to push. The babies are warm and comfortable when we go out. The colour is fab and gets us noticed wherever we go!"

    Fiona and triplets, United Kingdom, September 2017
  • "Practical and easy"

    "The pram is amazing, I love it and can’t wait to go out with it. It puts England to shame that we cannot make something as practical and easy as you do. Thank you for all your help."

    Julie and her triplets, England, November 2011
  • "You guys saved us!"

    We couldn't find a stroller that we liked which could fit into our car and an elevator at the same time. You guys saved us!

    Maria LV , Santiago, The Republic of Chile. June 2017
  • “A fantastic stroller”

    “We have received our buggy and love it!! We tried it out today and it was a big hit in downtown New Haven where we live! I imagine it’s the only ABC buggy around. Thank you so much for building such a fantastic stroller!!”

    Michele and her triplets, USA, May 2011
  • “A really excellent, well-designed product”

    “My daughter has been using the buggy you supplied for her new triplets for the past 2 months and she thinks it is absolutely fantastic and wanted me to convey her thanks to you.

    I just want to add my thanks because you provided a really excellent, well-designed product and it was a pleasure dealing with your company.”

    Ronn, Australia, June 2014
  • “Extremely user friendly”

    “We have received our twin buggy with reclining toddler seat and would just like to say how pleased we are with it. Extremely user friendly, and a sheer design work of art! Thank you so much as this is definitely a fantastic design and solution to having 3 buggy-age children!”

    Katherine, United Kingdom, December 2011
  • “Fantastic, amazing”

    “I’ve received my buggy, I’m very grateful to you for this, it’s fantastic, amazing. Thanks a lot for your kind attention!”

    Alexandra and her triplets, Russia, August 2011
  • “How you schlep four children around in an urban environment”

    Meet a mum and her quad stroller from Adventure Buggy Co.

    Cara, USA, February 2014
  • “I am so excited to be able to go out with all 3 of my babies”

    “My ABC triplet buggy arrived today!!!! I was so excited to receive it. I put it together in about 20 minutes – it was very easy!!! I took my triplets for a ‘spin’ around the house since it is too cold to go outside. :) I am so excited to be able to go out with all 3 of my babies – THANK YOU so much!”

    Jessica and her triplets, USA, February 2011
  • “I now have the freedom to take all 3 children out safely and easily”

    “Thank you again! We received our triple ABC buggy with the reclining toddler seat yesterday and are so pleased with it! I’ve ben walking all around town the past 2 days, simply because I now have the freedom to take all 3 children out safely and easily.

    Rory (2.5 years old) loves riding in the toddler seat, and calls that part of the pram ‘Rory’s Blue Pram’, but also enjoyed sitting in the front this morning, with the little ‘window’ keeping her warm but still allowing her to see out.

    Fraser and Oscar (13 months) think sitting behind the window is hilarious! The kids all enjoy riding it around.

    I’m finding it very easy to steer, and didn’t notice much of a difference (if any) between pushing just the boys around and then adding Rory to the top seat.”


    Daisy, Australia, July 2011
  • “I was able to take the triplets out for a stroll on my own”

    “I purchased the double buggy with the toddler reclining seat back in October. I am very happy that I bought this buggy because it made our life a lot easier for us and our 2.5-year old triplets. The triplets love the buggy and they are always are arguing who will go up in the toddler seat. I have nothing negative to say about this buggy. This winter I was able to take the triplets out for a stroll several times on my own as it is very easy to push. I was a bit sceptical about the height and not being able to have a clear view of what is ahead of me. But you were right when you told me that this would not be a problem for me when I told you my height.”

    A big thanks from Amanda, my husband Raymond and our triplets Katelyn, Kyle and Kimberly, Malta
  • “I was not expecting it to be so light to push and easy to manoeuvre”

    “I couldn’t be happier with the buggy. I had heard very good things about the product but was not expecting it to be so light to push and easy to manoeuvre. I was also pleasantly surprised at how quick and simple it is to get up and down.

    I have had it out and about a few times now and it certainly attracts plenty of attention and enquiries. I will definitely be recommending it to anyone that asks.”

    Jenny and her triplets, Eire, November 2011
  • “I was pleasantly surprised how slim line the buggy is”

    “The buggy has arrived and I am loving it! I was pleasantly surprised how slim line the buggy is. I recently owned a Mountain Buggy Swift and sold this to buy your product. I am now an ABC convert and will recommend your product to anyone I know looking to purchase a buggy.

    We were out and about today and I used the reclining newborn/toddler seat for the first time. I had my 18-month old in the buggy and put my 6-week old up the top. The design is brilliant; I just loved being so close to bubs.

    The quality of the product/canvas and stitching is excellent. I will be proud to show it off to my friends emphasising it’s “Made in NZ”.

    Kirstin, New Zealand, August 2011
  • “I will be walking 25km over a week pushing my 3 kids in the 3-seater pram”

    Read about a mum taking part in the Walk In Her Shoes Challenge – complete with her Adventure Buggy Co. stroller.

    Annie Nolan, Australia, June 2015
  • “In my new Nanny career I can get out and about easily with 4 kids”

    “To say that I am pleased with my buggy is an absolute understatement, I am extremely happy with it and just love pushing it around! On its first outing in Wellington CBD I had people crossing the street to say how amazing it is! It’s so light, even when it’s full of kids, the brakes and manoeuvrability of it are smooth, and it’s so easy to remove the toddler seat when I have just 2 kids to push.

    I’ve lovingly nicknamed it the ‘uber-buggy’ and friends and family around the world were so impressed when I sent photos of it.

    It has certainly meant that in my new Nanny career I can get out and about easily with 4 kids, giving me extra enjoyment now that my son is facing me (in the toddler seat) and I can answer his questions as he points to things we pass, helping me develop his language and engage with him even en route.”

    Louisa, New Zealand, April 2011
  • “It changed our life”

    “We are really enjoying the stroller!!!! It changed our life with Triplets + Toddler + Kid. We use it EVERY day, some times with the kid and toddler alone, and most of the time with the babies (with or without the toddler). I do not have another way of going out with them! I do not have any complaints. Everyone asks about the stroller. I will recommend it to every person that I can!”

    Mariela, Mexico, May 2011
  • “It fitted in the car”

    “What a great buggy! It fitted in the car and my toddler Rosie loved the reclining seat.”

    Anne, New Zealand, December 2011
  • “It is fantastic!”

    “The pram arrived last Thursday and it is fantastic! I love it, as do the babies! Thanks again.”

    Joanne, Northern Ireland, August 2011
  • “It is my absolute favorite purchase that we’ve made for the babies”

    “We LOVE the buggy, It is my absolute favorite purchase that we’ve made for the babies.

    You were right that once you get used to it, it’s very easy to manage. We get tons and tons of comments and questions when we’re out and about and we always joyfully share your company info and how great our experience has been. So glad that we found your product. From what I’ve seen, it’s the best on the market. :)”

    Myndi and her triplets, USA, July 2011
  • “It is so easy to manoeuvre”

    “The pram is absolutely fantastic. The children are really comfortable in it and it is so easy to manoeuvre. The finish on the buggy is really lovely. I have been stopped by so many people wanting to know where I got the pram… so I’m spreading the word!!!! :)”

    Yvonne, Eire, June 2011
  • “It is so nice to have all three girls fit into one stroller”

    Read the Dilg Triplets blog post on the ABC triplet buggy.


    Trish and Andrew, October 2009
  • “It was a pleasure to push”

    “It was amazing – my first outing in months and I loved it. The babies were so comfortable and it was a pleasure to push. We were all fighting over who was to push it! So easy to get up a bank.”

    Michelle and her triplets, United Kingdom, August 2011
  • “It’s great that it pushes so easily”

    “Sorry it has taken me so long to write this note, but we are still adjusting to our newly bigger family, plus I wanted to get some good use out of the buggy before I wrote.

    We LOVE our new buggy!!!! We've let the kids ride on different seats and have taken them on long walks around town. It serves our family better than any other stroller out there could have. It's great to have something they can all ride in at one time without it being triple-wide and huge. It's also great that it pushes so easily! I could go on and on, we just love it!! We get lots of compliments, too, on how cool it looks! And the kids love it, too!!

    We appreciate doing business with you and we know we're going to get a lot of use out of our new amazing buggy!!! Take care and thanks so much!!”

    Mechelle and David with Jonathan (our adopted son, 2 1/2 years old), Kayla (our foster daughter, 2 years old) and Bonnie (our adopted daughter, 3 months old)
  • “Loving our new off-road pram”

    "We're loving our new off-road pram. Thought you might like to see that we (off) road tested it this morning."

    Nikki, Richard, Madeleine and baby Felix
  • “Our hotel on wheels”

    Read a review of one mum’s experience with the ABC triplet buggy for her triplets.


    Mary Lindsey Blanton, May 2010
  • “The buggy is just great”

    “Just wanted to let you know that we have received the buggy and it is just great. Many thanks and best regards.”

    Anna and her triplets, Switzerland, July 2011
  • “The buggy is very nice to steer”

    “I received the buggy yesterday afternoon, it was a very quick delivery from New Zealand. Thank you so much. We put it together and my boys love it.

    The buggy is very nice to steer and is very sturdy, which is great, since my 2.5 year old is 14kgs and my 18-month old is around 12kgs. Thanks again for all your help.”

    Natalie, Australia, February 2012
  • “The stroller got more comments than the babies themselves!”

    “We went on our zoo trip yesterday with the babies… and the stroller. For the first time in the 7 months that we’ve had triplets, the stroller got more comments than the babies themselves! Instead of people whispering, “Hey, there were three babies” as we walk by, they were whispering about the stroller. I also had 2 people come up and ask me where I got it (of course, I gave them a fantastic recommendation). Thanks for everything, I appreciate it.”

    Jessica and her triplets, Canada, May 2011
  • “There is just no comparison to other triplet strollers available on the market”

    “The stroller is PERFECT. My daughter and son-in-law brought it to our house when we babysat the triplets for a bit over the holiday. There is just no comparison to other triplet strollers available on the market! This is really going to make things much easier for my daughter when she wants to take the babies somewhere due to the size and manoeuvrability (and having place to stow things!).”

    Terri, USA, January 2012
  • “This pram is perfect for farm roads”

    “The pram is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!! The quality, accessories, design: you name it, it is exactly what we wanted!!! The girls are still getting used to the pram, but on these farm roads this pram is perfect!!!!! Your ABC Adventure Buggy is by far the best!!! Thank you for all the wonderful help.”

    Kate, South Africa, October 2011
  • “This pram makes it possible to make long distance walks, even on rough terrain”

    “A few weeks ago we received the ABC Adventure for our triplets. I would like to thank you that you made it possible we received it that fast. Besides that, I want to let you know that we are very enthusiastic about the convenience of the pram. This pram makes it possible again to make long distance walks, even on rough terrain which we we're not able to do with the old one.

    The kids enjoy it more since they can see much more. And even the attention we get from strangers is less.”

    Loes and her triplets, August 2015
  • “Top 10 strollers for triplets and tot trios”

    "See how the Adventure Buggy Co. stroller stacks up against other prams for multiples: http://besttriplestrollers.com/".

  • “Very practical for triplets”

    “I am most pleased with the buggy, it is excellent. Easy to fix, smooth in terms of operation and easy to collapse. It fits my girls perfectly. It is an excellent product that is very practical for triplets, I shall for sure be reporting on the multiple websites (netmums, mumsnet and tamba) re your excellent product.”

    Shradha and her triplets, United Kingdom, November 2011
  • “We get stopped all the time with people asking about where we got it”

    “We love the triple buggy – we get stopped all the time with people asking about where we got it and of course to look at the triplets – who are doing really well.”

    Claire and her triplets, United Kingdom, August 2011
  • “We have just pulled the buggy out for our third baby and it’s still going strong”

    “Hi there, just looking at your website and thought I might drop an email. Wanted to let you know that we got a buggy off you guys 7 years ago, we have just pulled it out for our third baby and it’s still going strong.”

    M and S Gerraty
  • “We knew little about prams when we bought it – we have struck the jackpot!”

    “We LOVE the pram, it is a product that seems to have been very very well thought about when it was designed, and soooo easy to manoeuvre. We knew little about prams when we bought it, and believe we have “struck the jackpot” with this one. Thanks!”

    Paul, Australia, September 2015
  • “We LOVE it!”

    “Our buggy is here and we LOVE it! I've already had 3 quad moms contact me about the stroller. Thanks for everything!”

    Jenna (a VERY happy customer), USA
  • “You never know what you’re going to get until it turns up – I am delighted”

    “I just wanted to let you know that I'll be singing the praises of the buggy to all other expectant mums on the Twins and Multiple Birth Association forum. It was TAMBA that directed me to your products in the first place but you never really know what you're going to get until it turns up so I am delighted with the product and won't hesitate to tell everyone. The choice with triple buggies is so slim, so to find one that will allow my 10 month old to interact with me as well as lay flat whilst not being wider than a car is jut amazing. It even fits through our front door! I can't wait for my twins to arrive to get them in it!”

    Claire, United Kingdom

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